Madhouse’s ::Redline:: High-octane Entertainment!

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It’s only just recently that I’ve even heard of this film and that was by some accident I can’t even remember. That totally knocks my fandom down to just below “avid”.

When I watched it I wasn’t sure why I was so out of the loop. Oh and it was amazing!

 After reading that Madhouse produced it I knew the animation was going to be interesting. Madhouse always manages to hyper-stylize their animations to a sometimes nauseating degree but always manage to pull it off with a story that keeps you watching. Redline wasn’t the exception and I found it enjoyable all the same. Oh, and it may come as no surprise that Redline isn’t for kids.

Alien child with parent.

The best way I can describe the movie would be to compare it to that of Episode I having been directed by Wachowski’s, i.e. Speed Racer and animated to boot.

Typical Redline fans.

  Redline appealed to the senses that mattered. The music fit the scenes, the scenes were interesting enough to cover up some weak parts of the story, the story was a typical lucky-reckless-underdog-beats-all-odds-gets-girl type love story. A little cliché. Sounds dull but they add a few sub-stories for an overall grasp of the Universe not to mention they do throw in a little nudity, if you’re into that sort of thing animated. It’s really only when the characters finally make it to the Redline races that all hell breaks loose and we’re able to kick back and enjoy it.

The racers that we want to succeed in this film are human while the other racers are alien. There are several eccentric humanoid characters like the violent Batman/Robin knockoffs (which I found pretty funny) and the undefeated Redline champion who modifies his body for direct interfacing with his car. Craziness!

The Action, the Suspense!

Since it’s based in a fictitious interstellar setting we’re slightly, visually graced with an odd assortment of creatures and cultures watching the live coverage of the races like so many avid NASCAR fans. But this is nothing like NASCAR. I actually enjoyed it.

That’s really all I have to say. Inspired, no?



Review – Dante’s Inferno: An Animated Epic

Upcoming video game experience gets an animated debut!

There really wasn’t much news of this movie going around before I watched it, but being familiar with the story/poem The Divine Comedy I thought I’d give it a try. With that general idea in the back of my mind this film doesn’t keep much to the original story but for the basic theme (Hell and all its levels and layers) and the names of the characters. The truth behind this “animated epic” is that it’s based on a video game coming soon, produced by EA and Visceral Games.

Dante’s Inferno isn’t a bad animated flick at all. I was confused at first because as the animation progressed it would change styles from time to time; I then realized it has the same animation format as both The Animatrix and Batman: Gotham Knight; there are multiple sections and sequences animated under the direction of different… uhmm… directors. Watching the end credits will confirmed this.

While watching the movie I was often reminded of the God of War games because of it’s sometimes excessive violence and its rather obscure references to characters in a somewhat mixed mythology. It’s a basic story wherein the “hero” is more an anti-hero trying to absolve himself for past sins.

Now that all behind, I liked this movie. I’ve always been a fan of short story’s by different authors and artists following a specific theme and this was that for me. It was nice to see the different perspectives and directions of each segment though at times it was hard to tell who was who because the character’s changed so dramatically from one segment to the next. Dante’s Inferno was entertaining but not at all for kids… well, unless your kids can handle animated blood and gore and you don’t mind that they watch it.


Trigun: The Movie

For some time now, we fans of the Anime and, better yet, the Manga series Trigun have heard rumors of a movie with that name being in the works. Normally I hate rumors, but this appears to be more than rumor and less than normal.


But many of us skeptics aren’t holding our breath yet.

According to this linked article, the movie will be based more on the Manga than the Anime. Everyone’s favorite insurance girls, Millie and Meryl, will be among the animated cast as well as *drum-roll please* Wolfwood! (Yeah, he was my personal favorite.) A couple new characters will be added for that little touch of mystery and even that Vash guy will make an appearance so it all works out!

If you want to check out the trailer click no further: