Madhouse’s ::Redline:: High-octane Entertainment!

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It’s only just recently that I’ve even heard of this film and that was by some accident I can’t even remember. That totally knocks my fandom down to just below “avid”.

When I watched it I wasn’t sure why I was so out of the loop. Oh and it was amazing!

 After reading that Madhouse produced it I knew the animation was going to be interesting. Madhouse always manages to hyper-stylize their animations to a sometimes nauseating degree but always manage to pull it off with a story that keeps you watching. Redline wasn’t the exception and I found it enjoyable all the same. Oh, and it may come as no surprise that Redline isn’t for kids.

Alien child with parent.

The best way I can describe the movie would be to compare it to that of Episode I having been directed by Wachowski’s, i.e. Speed Racer and animated to boot.

Typical Redline fans.

  Redline appealed to the senses that mattered. The music fit the scenes, the scenes were interesting enough to cover up some weak parts of the story, the story was a typical lucky-reckless-underdog-beats-all-odds-gets-girl type love story. A little cliché. Sounds dull but they add a few sub-stories for an overall grasp of the Universe not to mention they do throw in a little nudity, if you’re into that sort of thing animated. It’s really only when the characters finally make it to the Redline races that all hell breaks loose and we’re able to kick back and enjoy it.

The racers that we want to succeed in this film are human while the other racers are alien. There are several eccentric humanoid characters like the violent Batman/Robin knockoffs (which I found pretty funny) and the undefeated Redline champion who modifies his body for direct interfacing with his car. Craziness!

The Action, the Suspense!

Since it’s based in a fictitious interstellar setting we’re slightly, visually graced with an odd assortment of creatures and cultures watching the live coverage of the races like so many avid NASCAR fans. But this is nothing like NASCAR. I actually enjoyed it.

That’s really all I have to say. Inspired, no?



Review: Planet Hulk

Marvel and Lionsgate animate ‘Hulk’ on a planetary scale.

Well since I’ve started blogging, doing reviews on this and that and putting my words out there for your viewing pleasure there hasn’t been a chance to write a review on any Marvel-related animations… until now.

Sure I could have written about all the previous Marvel/Lionsgate movies but what would have been the fun in that when I didn’t get to view those before everyone else? Natch!

I’m glad this is the first M/LG film I get to rate because I thought it was a great movie and it kept the spirit of the comic series of the same name.

Planet Hulk starts off with action and keeps building up from there. I wasn’t sure how true to the real comic they would stay and, of course there were things here and there that were changed but it was still entertaining.  I will say some of the scenes were brutal at times and I don’t recommend you letting the kid’s watch this solely for the violence alone.

Hulk Rip!

Hulk was more intelligent than any other incarnation I’ve seen of him on either the big screen or small.

Now, what I liked the most was seeing an Asgardian empowered space donkey whipping the tar out of people. I’ve always been a fan of that particular character and I think they did a great job, even though I would have loved seeing a chrome-plated beach boy just as much but I’m glad they went the other way. This was definitely a nice extension to the “Hulk Vs.” idea.

The only drawback is that there’s a limit to the action. I expected a huge climax but it just stays there, happily bobbing at that particular height. The villain isn’t much of a threat to Hulk and that’s clear near the beginning of the film but I’d watch this again and if I had a BluRay player I’d even buy it!

Thanks for reading!


Top 10 random things (of 2009)

First off this is one of my most favorite random YouTube videos. Just sit back, close your eyes and I hope it appeals to you too! Thanks for reading!

Okay, so it is nearing the end of the year and I guess that’s the best time for people to reflect on everything they’ve lived through and make lists of what they liked or what inspired them and etc. throughout the past year.
Sounds like a good idea, right?
Hey, it’s rhetorical!
Well since I can’t make up my mind what specific group (i.e. Music, Movies, Books, etc.) I’d like to focus on for making such a list, I’ll just make a list of top 10 random things I liked this year.

Who knows, if you’re lucky I may even go beyond 10!

  1. Zombieland (had to be the funniest movie I’ve seen in a while.)
  2. Boom Boom Pow (only because the beginning of it makes me crave a Kit-kat bar. Personally I think the Black-eyed Peas are the crappiest sound on the airwaves.)
  3. Monica Bellucci – but that’s every year.
  4. The Land of the Lost (it was waaay better than the rating those critical bastards gave it.)
  5. Owl City
  6. Beer and wine served at my Dentist office (no joke!)
  7. Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood
  8. Clean Dallas (it’s still just a baby and who doesn’t like babies?)
  9. Wilco
  10. Hasbro‘s Walmart Exclusive Masterpiece Skywarp (yeah, I know.)

Hmm… that didn’t last too long or have the impact I was looking for. Here, let’s do another!

  1. Radio DJ’s that have some odd tie to Kit-kat bars.
  2. Buying used bicycles online.
  3. How Facebook looked at the beginning of the year (2009).
  5. Good friends – you can never get enough of that.
  6. Anime Insider (and every other canceled Anime-themed magazine [you are missed]).
  7. The “guys” who write those cocky-sounding articles for
  8. Any Writer and/or Artist that will let just any fan add them as a friend on Facebook.
  9. The free stuff at
  10. Stupid pets you can’t help but love.

Alright, that should be enough. If you want to know anything more about any of the items listed (in either list) just drop a comment. I could go on for hours but I won’t (well, actually it has been an hour for me already).

Enjoy the rest of the year and if I don’t see you – Happy New Year!