Prime pain.

Maybe you’re one of the lucky one’s, though if you’re reading this there’s a significant chance you’re not.

Transformers Prime
Free? Ha! We'll teach you the meaning!

This Easter weekend there is a buy-one-get-one[…] sale at Toys ‘R’ Us on several different items. What I’m interested in are the Transformers Prime Deluxe figures. I don’t know what it is about animated series’ and their figures but I have to have them all! ALL!! *insert crazy laugh*

When I rolled off the couch this morning and when I went out to the driveway to pick up the news paper from the next town over – somehow we keep getting them but I won’t complain – there was no idea in my head that I would be driving all over the place trying to get a free DVD.

Yeah, you read that right. Not only could I buy a figure at full price and get another for half the price but since the purchase would put me barely over $20 I could get a free DVD too. And heck, maybe 2 if I wanted!

Well it didn’t happen.

Seems Toys “R” Us got the sales paper all printed and the stores all ready for all the offers – and there are plenty, which reminds me… – without shipping Transformers Prime DVD’s to their stores. I guess the “free” part of the deal meant that you’re “free” of having them in your possession. Oh well.

Maybe it’s just a North Texas thing, maybe it’s an all-over thing. I only tried 2 local stores. But if you, random reader, have gotten the DVD along with your full and-a-half priced figures then count yourself among the elite.


Update: I got the DVDs!
A very Lucky employee at one of the local TrU called me Saturday morning with the news that they had finally gotten the DVDs in. I picked them up only to realize that you really do get what you pay for – sometimes less than what you pay for too – and “free” isn’t much to pay.

Now, let’s see if the Freebird’s/Edge Fest free tickets deal is something to be excited about.


Dry Spell

My phone has a mind of its own.

Yes, this is what I call a dry spell when it comes to blogging.

It’s what happens when you’re working on something outside the blog and you’re discouraged because you haven’t yet created an independent voice for yourself so that you can talk about any subject, add a little personality and have readers enthralled.

I watched Julie & Julia with my wife the other day and realized the potential this blog allows, but then I also realized that I’ve dug myself into a hole because I write only about animation, comics and all things nerdy (the gaming industry the exception) like me. What can I say, I love Superhero’s and I love animation and when they mesh well then you’ve got one hell of a ride!

Once in a while something new will come along and it’ll be post-worthy but so far nothing. Though my most recent blog about a local 2-screen theater in Garland follows more along the original “Clean Dallas” idea, but it’s one of those things you – in this case me – would find yourself in the middle of and just have to scrap and start over. I hate that. Such a waste of time really.

And I did just that. But what’s next?

When boredom strikes, pull out the Transformers!

Well, restaurant reviews are something I’d like to add. I’ve thought about Action figure reviews as well. I’m definitely open to suggestion(s) though.

Dry spells….
It’s not that there isn’t anything to write about, I just haven’t found it, at least not in the circles I follow. And the creative juices have dried up a bit – though that sounds kinda nasty.

Lately school has taken a good percentage of my focus. In order to progress I need a break.

Wait, what?

Yeah, a break. I’ve taken it and I’m trying to get back into the swing of things so if I have any regular readers out there please bear with me as I try to get this machine rolling once again.

Thanks for staying loyal, I’ll try not to disappoint or maybe I should try to disappoint and see if that’s a better goal to aspire to.

Who knows?

It could work!


By the way… the layout of this post looked better when I was inserting the pictures than the real finished product. That sucks!

Top 10 random things (of 2009)

First off this is one of my most favorite random YouTube videos. Just sit back, close your eyes and I hope it appeals to you too! Thanks for reading!

Okay, so it is nearing the end of the year and I guess that’s the best time for people to reflect on everything they’ve lived through and make lists of what they liked or what inspired them and etc. throughout the past year.
Sounds like a good idea, right?
Hey, it’s rhetorical!
Well since I can’t make up my mind what specific group (i.e. Music, Movies, Books, etc.) I’d like to focus on for making such a list, I’ll just make a list of top 10 random things I liked this year.

Who knows, if you’re lucky I may even go beyond 10!

  1. Zombieland (had to be the funniest movie I’ve seen in a while.)
  2. Boom Boom Pow (only because the beginning of it makes me crave a Kit-kat bar. Personally I think the Black-eyed Peas are the crappiest sound on the airwaves.)
  3. Monica Bellucci – but that’s every year.
  4. The Land of the Lost (it was waaay better than the rating those critical bastards gave it.)
  5. Owl City
  6. Beer and wine served at my Dentist office (no joke!)
  7. Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood
  8. Clean Dallas (it’s still just a baby and who doesn’t like babies?)
  9. Wilco
  10. Hasbro‘s Walmart Exclusive Masterpiece Skywarp (yeah, I know.)

Hmm… that didn’t last too long or have the impact I was looking for. Here, let’s do another!

  1. Radio DJ’s that have some odd tie to Kit-kat bars.
  2. Buying used bicycles online.
  3. How Facebook looked at the beginning of the year (2009).
  5. Good friends – you can never get enough of that.
  6. Anime Insider (and every other canceled Anime-themed magazine [you are missed]).
  7. The “guys” who write those cocky-sounding articles for
  8. Any Writer and/or Artist that will let just any fan add them as a friend on Facebook.
  9. The free stuff at
  10. Stupid pets you can’t help but love.

Alright, that should be enough. If you want to know anything more about any of the items listed (in either list) just drop a comment. I could go on for hours but I won’t (well, actually it has been an hour for me already).

Enjoy the rest of the year and if I don’t see you – Happy New Year!


Holy Cow!

You know… it sucks when you want to blog and you just don’t feel the inspiration to search for stuff to blog about. Not to mention that when I log in here and see how many hits I get per day it’s kinda disheartening. I mean… I can take 5 hits, but 10? Come on! Surely there are other sites with this same useless crap posted! No? Well then good.

So this falls into the “whatever is on my mind” category. Nothing really substantial within these words I just got tired of looking at the “Brotherhood” post every time I get on here.

Pretty sad when you get sick of seeing your own posts isn’t it? Have you tried a mirror lately? That’s pretty sad too.

So a bit about myself: I like everything.

What, did you want a whole sentence? Well I’m not getting paid for this nor am I getting any extra-credit so you can keep your 750+ words. Thanks!

So what’s with the world? I watch way too many cartoons to keep up and I can’t tell the bull from the crap when it comes to news websites.
It’s all opinions anyway.
That was mine.
See how that works?

Alright, well this was a fun passage of time.


Take care of yourself because no one else will, pay off your credit cards as soon as you have money to blow and don’t leave your wallet on the table when your friends come over.


A “Charles Darwin” movie fail or potential blockbuster?

Religious hubbub may give “Evolution” movie the rub.

According to this article in the Telegraph, “Creation” a British film about the life, times and struggles of Charles Darwin will be released everywhere except for America or, to be more specific, the United States. All because he established the “controversial” theory of evolution and US distributors can’t find a market for the movie in a christian oriented America.

How lame is that?

I’m sure Quills was more offensive than this movie will be.

Takes me back to the late 80’s, early 90’s when The Last Temptation of Christ came out.

To be honest, I think the negativity and controversy will make this one of the most popular movies of the year if people catch on.

Click here for another Telegraph article and more info. As for a trailer from Creation look no further: