Catching up… a little.

Because bold statements seem popular…

Ok, so I’ve read a ton of novels – both graphic and not – over the last few months and haven’t really kept up with blogging about them, sorry. My fan/reader base is comprised solely of stragglers and those that follow this blog either out of plain curiosity, kindness or a need to point and laugh – it’s all the same really. Reality doesn’t give much in the way of drive. *sigh*
But that aside I’ll try to throw some titles out there.

Fist of flaming fury!
Not as serious as it seems.

Recently I finished Godland Vol.1 – by Image comics. It reads like Stan at first; I think they’re paying homage to the classics because it is visually like Jack. I enjoyed this book. It really gave me that classic-yet-campy feeling like The Venture Brothers.

 Godland is decently written though horribly edited. Not as bad as some Marvel titles I’ve recently read (currently reading [suffering through] the Onslaught collection – ugh!).  The Artwork is definitely Kirby-esque, especially the women – wide and squat but still attractive. I don’t think this book would work any other way, honestly.

If you know anything about me by now it’s that I love Sci-Fi. I especially love Cosmic adventures. Godland has that but not as “epic” as I would like. Yeah, yeah,  planet earth needs saving… whatever. The Villains aren’t really what I would expect a cosmic-powered hero to fight but they do offer him a challenge: the challenge of memory! Read it and you’ll see what I mean.

The most recent cheap find I’ve really enjoyed was Soulwind Vol.1 – again from Image. I like the format of the book so far – thin and easy to hold – but heard/read that there is a “collected” version like the BONE collection. Not a big fan of books that are as bulky as a dictionary. I yawn just thinking about it.

Since I mentioned BONE in the Soulwind paragraph I’ll compare: It’s similar.
Yeah, deep.
How is it similar? First off the obvious would be the B&W format. Second being the somewhat cartoon-style creatures, expressions and silent moments – narration solely by the voices in your head interpreting the images you see.


I have no problem with a lack of color if the art is decent and the story is slightly interesting – I’m easy; what makes this book work for me, aside from a great, compelling story, is the artwork. Different story segments have different art-styles by the same artist (note the picture). It could be a portfolio in the guise of a story for all we know and I would assume all comics are like that to some extent. That doesn’t matter. What does matter is that I got my money’s worth. Even if some of the shadows didn’t make sense in a panel or two I understood what the artist was trying to convey and accept that.

Nope, I’m not hip to the new books coming out. I have, however discovered within the last year a publisher called Kickstart Comics when I stumbled upon them in the magazine section of the-store-that-shall-not-be-named when I need to get my Tiger Beat fix. Thumbed through them right there and liked what I saw.
Bought a couple too!
Got them home and read them in a flash.
I didn’t feel like they changed my life any but they were decent and entertaining enough. Likely geared toward teenage audiences, I’m assuming.
Kickstart publishes digest-sized graphic novels – being self-contained story’s – so far.
Some of the titles I picked up read a little… rushed. Heavy Water could have been a little longer but Endangered, maybe even Ward 6 were a bit choppy on the editing. That’s why Editors make the big bucks!

There are several other books I need to list but this is a good start for now. At some point I need to write about how amazing both FABLES and Unwritten are (no, not the song damn you!) and maybe even dive into my new-found obsession with Mark Waid and Boom! Studios and why I believe that talented, up-and-coming artists can never be too confident on their motorcycles. But that’s all for another time.

Thanks for reading!



5 thoughts on “Catching up… a little.

  1. Nice post, stumbled on here by accident and gotta say I like the way you write.

    I’ve been wondering about Godland from time to time but never really sat down to read it – and I recently saw some of the kickstart titles but now I might actually give them a try, had never heard or seen anything about them before that. Thanks.
    As far as Boom and Waid’s work there goes, I’m completely with you as a fan of it all! Loving it. And while I haven’t read Fables since #50 I can only assume it’s as awesome now as it was till there – though Unwritten has indeed been wicked non-stop!


    1. Hey thanks for commenting!
      I should clarify though: I only have the first 8 volumes of Fables and I have no idea how they add up to the comics – how many issues per volume type thing. Billingham definitely has his work cut out for him, I’m hooked! As for Unwritten – I’ve read only the first book, have been hooked ever since but haven’t had the funds (or the room really) to explore that story further.

      Thanks again!

  2. Unwritten I’ve read through the first 10 and its been amazing so far and not a single backward step in any way!

    Fables, loved what I read and Willingham is good enough as a writer that I imagine he will keep at it, plus being such a long nurtured and worked on thing he would likely have many plans and such. Could go horrid of course but then Im sure we would have heard by now! 😀

    1. Definitely true about Willingham and I have been waiting for the story to take an awful turn – the closest I’ve seen was removing Jack of Fables from the main story completely, I thought he added a nice little amount of chaos to the whole premise/story.
      I foresee the decline and possible decimation in the superhero genre of comics within the next 10-20 years but that’s probably just me. I say that because I see how publishers like DC scramble to keep their heavy-hitters in the limelight. Their creators died years ago, I think it’s about time the creations did the same and pave the way for new and different story’s.
      Heh… I needed to get that off my chest! lol

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