Holiday Score!

For the Holiday’s I chose to disable my Facebook account because:

  1. I don’t really care how happy and wonderful people think their families are.
  2. I really don’t like it when people have an alert to when my birthday or anniversary is. If they want to know then they can ask and wish when they want and not have to be “pressured” into something possibly insincere.
  3. I could not care any less how awesome your significant other is and what they got you and what you got them; feeling like I have to compare notes or something so meaningless as that isn’t what I call “fun”.
  4. No, I don’t want to go to your party unless you can go that extra mile and call me. It’s so token to invite a bunch of people through a social network and expect them to contribute food-stuffs.
  5. If I’m not that special you’re not that special either.

It’s not that I don’t think I’m a Grinch or something comparable. I know that I am actually because my birthday – which just happens to be 2 days after my anniversary – is 2 weeks before the biggest commercially driven Holiday ever(!) and 3 weeks before the apocalypse of the year in which I had just spent a good part adapting to.

So whatever.

It’s a new year and a new age to remember and hope I get it right.

All that said, I think I did good this past Christmas. Only two people gave gifts I actually wanted but the other gifts aren’t bad either. I can probably make some money selling them on Craig’s List or potentially re-gifting them later on. You really can’t go wrong with gift cards unless they’re for some random place most people have never heard of. The true spirit of a cheerful, giving person indeed!

All I wanted was any of the items I had accumulated in my Amazon wishlist(s). Not just in any random order though. If it’s a series I wanted them in order not just #3 here and #5 there.

By now I’m sure you’ve realized that I’m an avid reader of graphic novels and really a big kid at heart or in whole.


Well I am. Honest!

My favorite is Flight.  For those not in the know it’s like one of those anthology series that have short stories in them by different artists and writers and sometimes featuring collaborations between several of them. So far I’ve gotten them all with the exception of volume #’s 6 and 7. And yes, they are listed on the aforementioned wishlist.

So Christmas came and Santa brought me Flight Volume #6 along with an Iron Fist action figure, which, for a guy that I haven’t believed in for years, was a pretty snazzy thing to do!

And because Kazu Kibuishi is the editor, cover artist and often contributor to the Flight books – and probably hand-presses the pages made from his own ink and paper recipes – I wanted to get his Amulet series which was also listed as a wishful item.

Kibuishi has a beautiful style that meets my fantasy needs and he hasn’t let me down yet! Just Google him and check out some covers to the previous Flight books and you’ll see what I’m talking about. That’s not to say that the other contributors to the Flight books aren’t equally as talented, but I didn’t score any of their books for Christmas so no need for honorable mentions, right?

Along with the books and action figure I also managed to score a couple stocking-stuffer movies I’d wanted for years now but had been reluctant to buy myself:

  1. Sling Blade – which is an awesome movie on so many different levels. Don’t sweat the fact it’s a drama because if you pay close enough attention to it you’ll end up laughing your ass off! It’s guarenteed to offend just about anyone on any level.
  2. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang – another clever and vulgar yet funny movie. I know Robert Downey Jr. seemed to reinvent himself with the Iron Man flicks but I think this one helped push that metamorphosis along.. Though I’m not sure wtf is up with the name. My nerdy hope originally was that it was based loosely on a dead comic book series of the same name but no such luck. en Espanol?

Since Christmas was a while ago now I’ve come across a few more great finds that I’ll have to get around to posting about at some point in the hopefully near future.  I will say that Half Price Books is a great resource for any books, games and DVD’s. I can’t promise they’ll have exactly what you’re looking for, but oftentimes neither can they and I find more things there that I forgot I wanted than what I actually went in to find. Ha!

So kiddo’s, the moral of this story is throw out the joy and great cheer and give me presents that I actually want for Christmas. Is it too much to ask?


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