Where did Natalie Imbruglia go?

Many years ago my brother bought a CD that contained a hot new song played over and over on the radio, if you listened to KISS FM, but never seemed to lose its charm: Torn by Natalie Imbruglia.

I used to stare at this picture for hours. Just staring mind you!

Yeah, I know… that proves my brother and I both had a little too much femininity in us for whatever it was worth. But sometimes we liked songs we heard on the radio sang by chicks, especially cute European-looking chicks. Go figure!

Like usual when he bought a new CD I would wait patiently for when he’d go to work, then sneak into his room so I could listen to the entire CD first and pick out all the “good” songs on it. lol

Weird sibling competitions on a very basic level. Sorry if you don’t understand, it’s a whole different dynamic on a psychological level.

Back to the story. It just so happened Natalie Imbruglia’s début album, Left of the Middle was an album that I could understand… on some weird level. Torn was a beautiful song that to this day I still sing along with. Eventually I made it past the first song and discovered a song called Pigeon’s and Crumbs. Now I liked to give the CD a good listen-through before opening the booklet and making sure the lyrics meant and said what I thought to have heard. Pigeons and Crows sounded more poetic to me but I grew up out in the country never having pigeons all around, pecking at crumbs and the like. I liked my version better but that’s beside the point; I felt the song could relate to my family situation at the time and thusly applied!

I didn’t understand the other songs but they eventually grew on me as the years passed by.

"I'm all outta faith..."

One of my favorite memories was when I stayed a week with a friend in San Antonio. If we weren’t somehow getting into trouble we would watch VH1’s Pop-up Video all day and Torn would come on at least 10 times. And I would find myself hoping every time that she would actually be, “lying naked on the floor”. But the illusion never changed.

While listening to the album I enjoyed how her song entitled Leave Me Alone put images in my head of rainy autumn days being observed from the window of some loft looking out over a busy city. Bright paint brushes filling a colorful coffee mug to one side of the window sill and a clear glass jar filled with bright flowers on the other. A woman wrapped in a bath towel leans in and sits on the sill then lights up a smoke and watches the rain pelt and cascade down the window. The woman was a tease and I liked it.

Other songs from her album had to grow on me as well like Smoke. I hated it for so long and now it’s a must-listen when plugging the CD into my car or home stereo.

When her second album came out I didn’t hear much about it on the radio. The pop sound was moving more toward dance and away from the urban post-grunge era. And where is LaBouche now? Hmm…?
So my brother and I both opted out of purchasing her second album and any following albums. I’ve since corrected that mistake and have enjoyed the albums following Left of the Middle but I still wonder: Where did Natalie Imbruglia go?

I saw her on a youtube video using sign-slanguage with some dude who made a career out of mocking Torn. It was only slightly amusing before Nat herself came on stage and performed with him! It made sense because it sounded like a different vocal recording of the song at the time – lo-and-behold…!

Now what?

The world needs your style of music and your huge eyes and lips gracing their stacks of CD’s!

That’s all I can say.

Sorry if you were hoping I had an answer to the question. What, you want me to do research or something? Ha! I laugh at you!

Natalie Imbruglia can be found with many more artists on either Twitter or facebook. I mean… where else would you go to fit your isocial needs?



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