Dry Spell

My phone has a mind of its own.

Yes, this is what I call a dry spell when it comes to blogging.

It’s what happens when you’re working on something outside the blog and you’re discouraged because you haven’t yet created an independent voice for yourself so that you can talk about any subject, add a little personality and have readers enthralled.

I watched Julie & Julia with my wife the other day and realized the potential this blog allows, but then I also realized that I’ve dug myself into a hole because I write only about animation, comics and all things nerdy (the gaming industry the exception) like me. What can I say, I love Superhero’s and I love animation and when they mesh well then you’ve got one hell of a ride!

Once in a while something new will come along and it’ll be post-worthy but so far nothing. Though my most recent blog about a local 2-screen theater in Garland follows more along the original “Clean Dallas” idea, but it’s one of those things you – in this case me – would find yourself in the middle of and just have to scrap and start over. I hate that. Such a waste of time really.

And I did just that. But what’s next?

When boredom strikes, pull out the Transformers!

Well, restaurant reviews are something I’d like to add. I’ve thought about Action figure reviews as well. I’m definitely open to suggestion(s) though.

Dry spells….
It’s not that there isn’t anything to write about, I just haven’t found it, at least not in the circles I follow. And the creative juices have dried up a bit – though that sounds kinda nasty.

Lately school has taken a good percentage of my focus. In order to progress I need a break.

Wait, what?

Yeah, a break. I’ve taken it and I’m trying to get back into the swing of things so if I have any regular readers out there please bear with me as I try to get this machine rolling once again.

Thanks for staying loyal, I’ll try not to disappoint or maybe I should try to disappoint and see if that’s a better goal to aspire to.

Who knows?

It could work!


By the way… the layout of this post looked better when I was inserting the pictures than the real finished product. That sucks!


One thought on “Dry Spell

  1. Get out and explore! Don’t you have any comic book shops (or is it stores?) or specialized toy shop/store in the area?
    Worth checking out..

    Video games is (always?) an option, I remember vaguely that you don’t (like to) play them but you could ask me or Siege to do the preview/review and you post them here..

    btw, as for the ‘independent voice’ thing you shouldn’t think too much ;p
    Time will tell.

    Keep it up (spirit, that is) and enjoy the moment


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