Batman/Superman: Apocalypse

New DC Universe Animated epic!

Alright, well I’ve been waiting for something to get me back into the flow of things blog-related and so what better start than this trailer that a good friend sent me?

It was rhetorical.

This new movie follows up the Batman/Superman: Public Enemies story and looks reeeeally nerdgazmically cool!

The trailer isn’t the greatest so I challenge you to find me a better one!




2 thoughts on “Batman/Superman: Apocalypse

    1. Yeah, I liked it actually.
      Not as much as I enjoyed Public Enemies though.
      Personally… I hate it when they rehash an origin story, plus they didn’t go into how Kara just happened to not be brainwashed anymore though they implied that it would take a while for her to return to normal.
      I dunno, the nerd in me still got the fan service from the fight scenes. I thought Supe’s could beat down Darkseid better than that but to each writer their own interpretation.

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