A hidden Gem among the debris

A little movie theater in Garland, Tx just E. of Jupiter Rd., a little S. of Walnut St. sits alone in the middle of a parking lot waiting for you to stop by and enjoy its presence.

What you see when you pull up.

Sometimes there’s that one place you like to go and spend your money and time and one day you look around and realize you’re the only one there. Walnut Theaters 5/3 is just this place.
Sometimes you can drive by and see cars parked in the lot but they are oftentimes few at most. It’s not the easiest place to see from the road unless you’re looking, this I know because when I first moved here I looked and looked until I was finally resolved that the theater I was looking for was that tiny, lonely building. They have a small marquis/billboard on Walnut street but, again, you have to be looking at the right time or going slow enough in your vehicle to really see it.
Now, I say all that because I wanted to give you a picture of what everyone sees. It doesn’t look like much on the outside and when you walk into the foyer it’s still nothing spectacular but this is where I parallel the idea of “The Secret Garden”. As you walk into the theater(s) you feel like you’re in a whole other time and place.

What you see upon entering one of the two screens. Nice!

The theater is surprisingly clean and spacious, not a foul smell or a sticky substance to be found unlike when you go to the dollar theaters. If you want popcorn or a soda all you have to do is ask and pay and they’ll bring it to you. That’s some service you don’t find anywhere else!

Walnut Theaters $5/$3 is the name of the place and why is it named that? The owner likes to let people know what they’re in for and so why not put it in the title? You see, he doesn’t show old movies like the local dollar theaters. He charges $5 for adults and $3 for children to see first-run movies. Not bad, eh?

My wife and I frequent here and have spent a total of $15 which included our tickets, our drink and a popcorn. That’s barely the price of a ticket everywhere else!

Now one of the most amazing things about this theater is the sound system. It’s not a surround sound system but what the owner calls an “arching” sound system that he developed himself. One night he gave a demonstration and it was definitely a treat!

You wouldn’t know this by looking at it but there have been a few premiers held here. The owner boasted, though humbly, that he had been asked to host a couple of movie premiers. It just goes to show that even though you might not see something so wonderful in front of your face for the way it looks, the right people do know about it and use it to their advantage. If you never try something you never know what you’re missing out on. And I guess ignorance is bliss but what else is life but a series of experiences?
I love going here, it’s quiet, spacious and no one bothers you, but that is also a draw-back. This theater is giving us a service and an experience that we are neglecting to have and share. Some day the owner may wise up and close the doors forever but he loves what he does and likes to share it. It’s his dream and I for one like being a small part of it.

Just don’t expect to see any of the tags at the end of movies, to make sure that the bulbs in the cameras have time to cool they cut off the credits. Yeah, it’s lame but it’s also lame to have to sit through the credits for an extra nugget of something that may or may not come. I’m really not interested in who the caterers or drivers were for each set enough to really care whether Professor Xavier somehow telepa-ported his mind into that of a brain-dead person.

So there you have it. If you’re local, check it out and if you’re not… then visit when you’re in town. It can’t hurt!

This message was not brought to you by Bob Phillips.



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