Review – Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths

Warner Premier and Warner Bros. Animation get sucked into Multi-verse action!

We don't like puppies!Well I’ve been waiting for this movie for some time. Or at least since I reviewed Batman/Superman: Public Enemies. It’s only natural, right? Something about superheroes meeting alternate-universe versions of themselves just makes a person like me all giddy with excitement, and if you’re reading this it should make you feel the same!

First off, this story has been a long time coming, since the first few issues of the hit JLA series scribed by Grant Morrison with art by Frank Quietly.  Second, it’s nice to see that DC and Warner Bros. don’t mind working on story’s that seem to appeal solely to comic book readers, I guess their hope is to fish out a new audience and hopefully sell some funny books. Sounds like a plan!

Now about this film. I never really give anything away but I like to talk in vague references about what I saw and what I liked and with this movie there was a ton to take in. There was a hope that the showdown between Superman and Ultra-man would have come to a great conclusion but… what showdown?

We would like to apply for Citizenship. The best animation came toward the end when it was an all-out slug fest between the League and the Syndicate and you can tell the animators really spent the time in detail for those scenes. Thank you for that, it was worth it.

I can’t say this was as good as Batman/Superman, but it was good in its own right. It can’t be easy trying to make sure all the heavy-hitters have their scenes, letting them strut their stuff without completely dominating the scene (otherwise it would be a bit pointless).

There could have been some more camaraderie built up between the characters but then again they have to think about the time spent and the attention span of anyone willing to watch an animated movie.

Now, that all said: Go watch the movie. You might like it and glean something out of it I didn’t get; but who knows, you might think it actually sucks. My opinion is my own: It’s definitely worth watching, but don’t expect to be completely blown away.



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