Review: Planet Hulk

Marvel and Lionsgate animate ‘Hulk’ on a planetary scale.

Well since I’ve started blogging, doing reviews on this and that and putting my words out there for your viewing pleasure there hasn’t been a chance to write a review on any Marvel-related animations… until now.

Sure I could have written about all the previous Marvel/Lionsgate movies but what would have been the fun in that when I didn’t get to view those before everyone else? Natch!

I’m glad this is the first M/LG film I get to rate because I thought it was a great movie and it kept the spirit of the comic series of the same name.

Planet Hulk starts off with action and keeps building up from there. I wasn’t sure how true to the real comic they would stay and, of course there were things here and there that were changed but it was still entertaining.  I will say some of the scenes were brutal at times and I don’t recommend you letting the kid’s watch this solely for the violence alone.

Hulk Rip!

Hulk was more intelligent than any other incarnation I’ve seen of him on either the big screen or small.

Now, what I liked the most was seeing an Asgardian empowered space donkey whipping the tar out of people. I’ve always been a fan of that particular character and I think they did a great job, even though I would have loved seeing a chrome-plated beach boy just as much but I’m glad they went the other way. This was definitely a nice extension to the “Hulk Vs.” idea.

The only drawback is that there’s a limit to the action. I expected a huge climax but it just stays there, happily bobbing at that particular height. The villain isn’t much of a threat to Hulk and that’s clear near the beginning of the film but I’d watch this again and if I had a BluRay player I’d even buy it!

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