The Klinge Brothers are coming to Dallas…

… Er… a town near it at least.

The Catfish Plantation, Texas’ very own “haunted” restaurant, or at least the one restaurant that actually uses that as a marketing theme, is serving up a local dose of ghost explo[it]ration in the form of Paranormal Investigative team the Klinge Brothers from the hit Discovery Channel series Ghost Lab.

What does this mean?

There’s no telling what it means actually, I leave it open to interpretation. Personally I don’t get off on shows that makes you think there’s something out there like a bunch of kids who are afraid of the dark walking around with flashlights in the woods. I have only been to one haunted house-turned restaurant in my lifetime and people are still skeptical of its actual haunting, but the corners of my eyes have never deceived me in the way of ghastly ghosts that leave one aghast and gasping. But I just have a blog, no TV show.

Back to the article though…

Seems the dynamic Klinge brothers will be visiting Waxahachie on the 17th of November as well as the 4th of December and according to the Plantation’s very own GM the Brothers will be hitting up the Catfish Plantation one more time on the 11th of December (see comment below for reference), so make sure to save those dates on your calender. You never know what to expect and it never hurts to get in a nice big meal before the crap is potentially scared out of you. Fun stuff!


One thought on “The Klinge Brothers are coming to Dallas…

  1. Thanks for posting this and the November 17th was great fun. The event was so successful that the Klinge Brothers have agreed to come back for a second December date, December 4th and December 11. Feel free to come on down and check it out for yourself. We may not change your mind but I can guarantee you it will be the best food that you have ever eaten.

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