Holy Cow!

You know… it sucks when you want to blog and you just don’t feel the inspiration to search for stuff to blog about. Not to mention that when I log in here and see how many hits I get per day it’s kinda disheartening. I mean… I can take 5 hits, but 10? Come on! Surely there are other sites with this same useless crap posted! No? Well then good.

So this falls into the “whatever is on my mind” category. Nothing really substantial within these words I just got tired of looking at the “Brotherhood” post every time I get on here.

Pretty sad when you get sick of seeing your own posts isn’t it? Have you tried a mirror lately? That’s pretty sad too.

So a bit about myself: I like everything.

What, did you want a whole sentence? Well I’m not getting paid for this nor am I getting any extra-credit so you can keep your 750+ words. Thanks!

So what’s with the world? I watch way too many cartoons to keep up and I can’t tell the bull from the crap when it comes to news websites.
It’s all opinions anyway.
That was mine.
See how that works?

Alright, well this was a fun passage of time.


Take care of yourself because no one else will, pay off your credit cards as soon as you have money to blow and don’t leave your wallet on the table when your friends come over.



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