Review – DC Animation’s Superman/Batman: Public Enemies

Sometimes it takes patience to wait for a good thing to come along. Especially if that one thing ends up blowing you out of your seat only to  remind you why you’re in the situation in the first place.


That’s what many readers felt after reading through the first six issues of Superman/Batman as they came out.

But Warner Bros. and DC Animation weren’t about  to let such a great story just lay around and collect dust when they can get in on the action. Not only did they jump in but they brought some to the table as well!

Unfortunately I didn’t get to see this feast of animated action until the day of its release, September 29, so I wasn’t able to give a heads-up a week early like with my last DC Animation review, but there’s no complaints beyond that. Honest!

There are a couple of elements about this Superman/Batman movie I found appealing the first being the animation based loosely on the comic art the second having to be that they cast the voice talents of Tim Daly, Kevin Conroy and Clancy Brown – reprising their roles as Superman, Batman and Lex Luthor, respectively. If only Malcolm McDowell could have returned as the voice of Metallo then that would have been even greater, but what can you do?

supreman_batman_public_enemies3 The story isn’t too terribly deep, but to some it might seem so. It’s depth is completely on the level of duty and loyalty; who has it and for what/whom. But who cares about storyline and plot? We want to see Super-types beating the ink out of each other and this movie does not fail in the fan-service department.

With extremely well done pacing it didn’t drag on in scenes but kept a steady pace of interesting while serving up extra morsels of kick-ass letting fans and newbies alike get that taste that draws us in and keeps us coming back for more. And I have to say “More, please!” and “Keep it coming!”


This is another PG-13-ish movie with the opening being a slight nod to Jon Stewart and something he might say on his show that would have to be beeped out. Beyond that and the fact you can read his lips, the worse it gets in the spoken language department is “bitch” and anyone who has ever had their evil scheme thwarted by a woman can relate, I’m sure.

This movie is definitely worth the time and I think it should have gotten some theater play.



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