Review- DC Animation’s Green Lantern: First Flight


VagueRant Reviews DC Animation’s Green Lantern: First Flight

Green Lantern

Although not officially released until the 28th of July, I recently had the pleasure of viewing the latest movie in the Warner Bros. Animation movie adaptation line of the DC Comics Universe, i.e. Green Lantern: First Flight.
I have to say that it was a treat. Never been the biggest GL fan but alas I am a comic book aficionado of sorts, for a decent term (where “nerd” would be the other, less glamorous possibility), and had to see this new space odyssey based on one of comics greatest characters.

Unbelievably the origin story of Hal Jordan as GL wasn’t as lengthy as most superhero origins normally are in movies and for that I’m glad. Not that it would be hard to pick up if you’ve never known of the character at all, but instead portraying the highlights of the ring passing from the dying Abin Sur to the bewildered Hal Jordan in a perfect nutshell. The rest of the story is the meat of it all and the progress is well laid out with no strings left by the time you’re done but a refreshing taste in your mouth and the hope of further endeavors into the realm of the DC Superhero mythology.

Ooooh, shiny!

I highly recommend this movie for anyone over 13 years old. It is a bit violent with blood and broken, twisted fingers and interesting images like that. The language, if you can imagine a scale, ranges from “damn” to “bastard” and all the words between the two so it’s not too bad, pretty much like New Frontier and Wonder Woman.